Friday, November 2, 2012

Into The World of Fairies: New Amy Brown Fairy Art Perfume Lockets By Secret Scents

Secret Scents offers a journey into the world of faeries with their new perfume lockets featuring the fairy beauties of beloved fantasy artist Amy Brown!
Nov 02, 2012 - Secret Scents, ( purveyors of scented jewelry hand made in the US, declares you can now experience your favorite fantasy artwork in a whole new way! Secret Scents Perfume Lockets enchant your senses with a perfect merge of art and scent. Enter the realm of the faeries with their brand new collection featuring the fairy beauties of beloved fantasy artist Amy Brown.

Secret Scents reveals "We are truly excited to offer the enchanted beauties of Amy Brown in this amazing three piece collection. Amy's unique vision into the world of the fae has captured the hearts of people all over the world. We found this same inspiration working with her artwork to create this special series. Come, enchant your senses in the majestic fairy world of Amy Brown!"

Journey into the world of fairies with Secret Scents brand new Amy Brown Collection. Each handcrafted 40x30mm antique silver plated brass locket is pressed from vintage molds right here in the USA and features a gorgeous high quality Giclee' Amy Brown art print under a clear cabochon. Inside each locket is an all natural bees wax based solid perfume made with designer Damask Moon artisan blends. For those who love jewelry but not found of fragrance, Amy Brown Secret Scents Lockets are available fragrance free as well. This three piece collection features artwork from Amy Brown's Shadow Circus Burlesque & Portraits of Faery Art Collection. Fae Risque is harmonized by a warm spicy fragrance with notes of amber cream and soft musks. Callioppe is presented with a sultry scent of black cherry and dry down florals notes of violets, jasmine & orchids. Cossette is matched with notes of dark roses and delicate woods. Experience your favorite artwork like never before & take a journey into the realm of fairies with the new Amy Brown Collection by Secret Scents!

About Secret Scents:
The brainchild of Artist Brigid Ashwood and Perfumer Charity Holly of Damask Moon, Secret Scents™ Perfume Lockets is the perfect unity of art and fragrance. Secret Scents Perfume Lockets are a beautiful way to wear your favorite artwork and your favorite fragrances - visit them today to see all their amazing art collections!

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Damask Moon Giveaway
Giveaway! Win One Blood Moon Lunar Blend with Free Shipping PLUS an Exclusive Damask Moon $25 Coupon Code! Three ways to enter!!
Our Special Edition Lunar Perfume Oils are hand-crafted under the light of the full moon. Each celebrates the aspects, meanings &/or properties of the monthly full moon with unique blends and genuine gemstone chips inside each bottle. Available in limited numbers for a limited time each month! Set your calendars because they go fast!!

The Blood Moon Of October, also known as Shredding Moon or Falling Moon, comes right before Samhain reminding us winter is on its way. It is a time for spiritual growth and magick. The veil between our worlds is thinnest and it's a time to focus on our own intuition, divination and psychic abilities. It is also a powerful time to communication with our departed ancestors and ideal for dream magick.

The Blood Moon is associated with element of air, dark colors of blue, black as well as purple and herbs of apple blossoms. Our Blood Moon Lunar Blend contains sweet airy notes of night apple blossoms, amethyst incense and shadowy patchouli essence aiding us in divination and dream magick. Inside every Blood Moon Blend is genuine hematite gemstone chips. Hematite is known as the blood stone and is said to increase intuition.
If You Don't Win - No Worries - Blood Moon Lunar Blend


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Welcome To Damask Moon's New Blog Page.
We have moved here to Blogger for a few reasons and can't wait to start adding amazing content for our customers, fans and friends. We aim to have new posts weekly but no less than twice a month. We will be starting a new quarterly blog series on how to make your own perfume oils with exlusive recipes and DIY tips! We are working on this now and hope to have the first of the series done before the rush of holiday shopping starts... what would be better than giving handmade perfume to your loved ones for the holidays!
Brightest Blessings To All!
Damask Moon